Romantic Running in Italy for Valentine’s Day

by Maria E. Bellini

Running along Italy’s Scenic Roads And Rural Trails

Get it right, and running with a loved one can be a sublime way to spend Valentines Day.

Sharing the highs and the lows, all topped off with a teary embrace across the finish line. But get it wrong and it can swiftly turn into the nightmare run from hell that will have you swearing to never run with your partner again. Ever!

So wherever you run, remember to leave any feelings of competitiveness at home (unless competing with said partner is your thing of course), which is one of the rules in the Do’s and Don’ts of running with a partner!

So for all the Runners out there, here’s a selection of Italian Road and Trails Races, with a romantic Valentine’s twist.

A Half with a heart – Romeo and Juliet Half Marathon

The Giulietta and Romeo Half Marathon is on February 17th. It takes place in Verona, where the romantic and tragic Shakespearean play is set. It’s immensely popular with run lovers coming from all over to run through Verona’s impressive city centre. Last year nearly 9000 runners took part, with over 1000 non Italians. With a race route that takes in all of Verona’s spectacular monuments, this is a fab race for a weekend break as Verona International airport is right by the city. So you won’t be needing a car.

Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon
Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon – img from FB page 

Frosty wilderness in remote Emilia-Romagna – Winter Trail della Campigna

Sunday 10th February. Head to the trails in Emilia-Romagna and take part in the Winter Trail della Campigna. A good distance which should leave you with plenty of energy to dedicate to your loved one – 12km and 600mD+. And if you’re lucky you will probably find snow. Nearest airport Bologna Marconi.

Taste the glow of Love – Brunello Crossing

Sunday 10th February. If you’re in Tuscany, you can run the Brunello Crossing Trail. This trail race takes place in the dreamy countryside surrounding Montalcino, Siena. Celebrated for the famous red wine that goes by the same name, the event has 3 competitive distances 44 – 23 – 13 and a non competitive 13km.

Brunello Crossing - Website cover
Brunello CrossingWebsite

Spice it up with a Threesome – Three For Team Trail

Sunday 17th February. If you’re in Liguria, the Three For Team trail races is a trail race for teams of three runners – as the name suggests. You’ll be crossing some high coastal mountains with brilliant views over the Mediterranean sea. Race route is 21km 1100mD+ and Km 10 for solo runners.

Lost in the words of Romance – Cortona Trail

Sunday 17th February. We go back to Tuscany and to the gem of a town that’s Cortona. The 5th Cortona Trail takes place around the hilly countryside. 45, 24 and 15km race routes to explore the area that inspired Frances Mayes’s international bestseller: “Under The Tuscan Sun”

Corri l’Amore – Valentine’s Day Marathon

“Run For Love” proclaim Race Directors! This may be the case as you embrace the 42km in the town that hosts the Saint Valentines Day Marathon par excellence. The race takes place in Umbria, in central Italy, in the known also as the “City of Love”Terni, which holds a seven day Festival in honor of its Patron Saint – St Valentine, also Patron saint of Lovers. The Valentine’s Day Marathon is also a Boston qualifier.


Maria E. BelliniMaria Elisabetta Bellini is’s founder, born in the U.K, she came to running whilst living in Italy, where she still lives and trains. Never ceasing to marvel at what’s at the summit of a hill, or around the bend along the trail, she loves using trail running as a means to explore nature, contemplation and Italy.