It’s becoming more and more common for Italian trail running races to have at least some English information on their websites.

Major Trail Running Events = More Resources

This is specially the case with the bigger trail running races which will probably have sponsors, a larger budget and international trail runners competing.

However the majority of trail races in Italy are usually hosted by local running clubs, with race directors and volunteers dedicating their spare time to putting on events. Although sponsorships might be available, resources are often limited and need to be tightly budgeted, therefore websites may only be in Italian.

In any case, most races (big and small) will usually have someone at hand to answer any email enquiries in English. Also with Google translate, things have become much easier for runners searching for their dream trail running event in Italy.

Trail Running – Global Similarities

Trail running races, wherever they are, usually have similar characteristics – in which ever country you are. And runners usually find themselves doing the same things – just in a different language.

Read our Guide to Mandatory equipment vocabulary Italian –to  English

If you enter a trail race in Italy, the main issue will probably be getting the required kit together, as this is a factor, that if not properly followed, will lead to penalties and disqualification.

What we present here, is a comprehensive vocabulary guide, intended both for trail runners looking to race in Italy, but also for Italian Race Directors and running clubs, who would like to put up some English information on their websites, and require the correct terminology.

If you’d like to add to this list, please feel free to comment below



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Race Gara
Participant list Lista iscritti
Sign up / race entry Iscrizione
Entry fee Costo d’iscrizione
Race check in Ritrovo / ritiro pettorali
Race pack Pacco gara
Race rules Regolamento
Mandatory kit Materiale obbligatorio
Emergency numbers Numeri di emergenza
Race bib Pettorale
Safety pins Spillette
Timing Chip Chip
Race director Direttore di Gara
Marshals Volontari
Cut off times Cancelli orari
Max time limit Tempo massimo
Rankings Classifica
Post race party / meal / sit down Pasta Party / terzo tempo
Poles / trekking poles Bastoncini / bastoni / racchette
Drop bag Drop bag / Borsa personale
Drop bag transport Trasporto borse
Changing room Spogliatoio
Shower Doccia
Loo Bagno / WC (pronounced vee-chee)
Time Tempo (also means weather)



Water stop Punto acqua (usually means just water)
Aid station Ristoro
Life base Base vita
Water Acqua
Sports drinks Sali / integratori
Sweet Dolce
Salty Salato
Fuel Alimentazione / calorie



Injury Infortunio
Heatstroke Colpo di Calore
Chafing Sfregamento
Black toenails Unghie nere
Cramps Crampi
Bonk Scoppiato
Hyponatremia Iponatriemia
Dehydration Disidratazione
Pain killers Anti dolorifici
Anti inflamatories Anti infiammatori
Pain Dolore
Feeling sick /nauseous Nausea
GI issues / diareah / poo Diarrea / cacca
Urine / pee Urina / pìpì
Dark urine Urina scura
Blister Vescica
I’m good Va tutto bene
Doctor /medical assistance Medico



Uphill / climb Salita
Downhill Discesa
Race profile Altimetria
Race route Percorso di gara
Race start Partenza
Race finish Arrivo
Warm up Riscaldamento
DNF Did Not Finish Ritirato
DNS Did Not Start Non partito
Map Cartina / Mappa
Micro trash Rifiuti
Waymarked Tracciato / bandellato
Flags Bandiere / bandierine
Tape (coloured tape) fettucie
Sign / markers Cartelli
Rope Corda
Safety Sicurezza
Crampons Ramponi / ramponcini
Poles Bastoncini / bastoni / Racchette /
Scrambling – in Italian there is no exact translation, for trail running purposes. “arrampicare” – ma in Inglese il significato è quello di dover usare anche le mani per andare avanti e avanzare.



Pace Passo
Pacer Pacer
Team Squadra
To run Correre
To walk Camminare
Euro-hiking Camminare in salita con le mani posizionati, e premendo sui quadricipiti,
Alone Solo
In company In compagnia



Countryside Campgna
Grass Erba
Mountain Montagna
Hill Collina / colle
Woodland Bosco
Forest Foresta
Stream Ruscello
Stream crossing Guado
River Fiume
Lake Lago
Pond Stagno
Waterfall Cascata
Path Sentiero
Technical terrain Terreno tecnico
Stones Sassi
Rocks Pietre
Rocky ground,  Pietraia
Scree Ghiaione
Bog Palude
Moor Brughiera
Field / meadow Campo
Valley Valle
Pass Passo
Landslide Frana
Landscape Paesaggio
Gorge Gola
Exposed Esposto
Vertigo Vertigine
Debris Detriti
Ridge Cresta
Glacier Ghiacciaio
Altitude Quota
Cliff Scogliera
Sea Mare
Sand Sabbia
City città
Town Paese
Village Paesino
Snow field Nevaio
Fango Mud
Wet Bagnato
Night Notte



Rain Pioggia
Sun Sole
Fog Nebbia
Ice Ghiaccio
Snow neve
Thunderstorm Temporale
Lighteneing Saetta or Fulmine
Hot Caldo
Cold Freddo
Wind Chill Raffreddamento da vento
Wind Vento
Frost Brina



Livestock Bestiame
Horses Cavalli
Cows Mucche
Wild boars Cighiali
Snakes Serpenti
Viper / Adder Vipera
Grass snake Biscia
Wolf Lupo
Wasp Ape



Tired Stanco
Exhasted Esausto
Rest Riposo
Fatigue Affaticato
Energy Energia
Sleep Dormire
Sit Sedere
Lay down Coricare
Recovery Recupero
Awake Sveglio