101 Italy on Trail – Mountains – The Basics!

by Maria E. Bellini

The Apennines form an arc shape that runs down the length of Italy. Often referred to as Italy’s backbone, and with good reason too, as they stretch over approximately 930 miles (approx 1,500km) starting in the coastal region of Liguria right down to the southern region of Calabria and then into the island of Sicily.

The Apennines are a narrow mountain range with a width varying from between a skinny 20 miles – to approximately 155 miles across (approx 30k – 250km). Classified as a “young” in geological terms, the Apennino (as it’s called in Italian) is home to complex seismic activity.

The Apennines - Sub divisions

Covering such a vast area, the Apennines are be divided into smaller areas, just as the Alps were divided up into sub-ranges in the 1926 “Partition of the Alps”.  On a larger scale the Apennines are classified into three parts: northern, central and southern, and are often just referred to user these terms, although each of these ranges can be further divided into smaller areas.

Northern Apennines

  • Ligurian Apennines
  • Tuscan-Emilian Apennines

Central Apennines

  • Umbrian-Marchean Apennines
  • Abruzzean Apennines

Southern Apennines

  • Samnite and Campanian Apennines
  • Lucan Apennines
  • Calabrian and Sicilian Apennines

Maria E. BelliniMaria Elisabetta Bellini is Italyontrail.com’s founder, born in the U.K, she came to running whilst living in Italy, where she still lives and trains. Never ceasing to marvel at what’s at the summit of a hill, or around the bend along the trail, she loves using trail running as a means to explore nature, contemplation and Italy.

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