10 Dritte Per Scegliere Il Tuo Primo Ultra Trail

by Maria E. Bellini Questo articolo è un’adattamento del articolo How to choose your first Italian ultra trail  precedentemente pubblicato in inglese. Basta dare uno sguardo a qualsiasi calendario di trail running per capire che di ultra, solo nel nostro paese ci sono veramente tanti. Se hai esperienze con le distanze medie ma sogni di fare qualcosa […]

AVP 501 – Peaks and Summits

With over 30,000 meters of level gain spread out over 501km, Italy’s longest ultra trail, the AVP501 covers an impressive amount of hills and mountainous terrain. Of Pilgrims and Saints In our previous article regarding the AVP501 endurance trail we saw how the race route crosses many places connected with spirituality and faith. The race […]

AVP501 Ultra – Following Pilgrims, Monks and Devotees

Italy’s longest ultra trail, the AVP501 crosses many areas interlaced by spirituality. First of all let’s set the scene. We’re in central northern Italy. The race route follows Italy’s long distance hiking trail, the “Alta via dei Parchi”, partly situated in the Parco Nazionale Appennino Tosco Emiliano one of Italy’s 25 National Parks. It crosses […]

AVP 501 Endurance Trail

AVP 501 –  Just when you thought that Italian trail races couldn’t get any longer, what with epic Tor Des Géants® offering a route that’s approximately 330km long, 2018 will see the first edition of the the AVP501 Endurance Trail. And yes – “501” refers to the kilometers that you’ll be doing in the race. […]