Le Regole d’Oro per Correre insieme al Partner

by Maria E. Bellini Con l’approccio giusto, correre insieme al tuo partner può essere fantastico. Benefico sia per la corsa in se, sia per la relazione. Acquisisci un “running-buddy” e hai la possibilità di fare qualcosa che ami con la persona che ami. Così approfondendo il legame emotivo. Ma se sbagliate… la corsa insieme al […]

Romantic Running in Italy for Valentine’s Day

by Maria E. Bellini Running along Italy’s Scenic Roads And Rural Trails Get it right, and running with a loved one can be a sublime way to spend Valentines Day. Sharing the highs and the lows, all topped off with a teary embrace across the finish line. But get it wrong and it can swiftly […]

Trail races with ample cut-off times

by Maria E. Bellini This article originally appeared in Ultrarunning World 12 Time, time, time: “I shall be too late!” Depending on our level of mental clarity, chilometres, metres and minutes may all turn out to become the toxic ingredients of a thick soup of despair, slowly simmering away in our mind. Some of us […]

Mud in my brain – Trail del Cinghiale 2018

L’anno scorso sono arrivato primo nella 90 km del Trail del Cinghiale – Leopodistica A.S.D.  Quest’anno, tuttavia, c’erano alcuni trailer davvero forti che erano iscritti e sapevo che avrei dovuto lottare per conquistare un posto sul podio … … E poi un giorno, un paio di settimane prima della gara mentre mi stavo allenando vicino […]

Trail Running and Recovery – Part Two

In a series of three articles by Coach Martin Trout, we look at Recovery strategies in Trail Running. Types of recovery strategies Which ones are shown to work How they can benefit you Best practices In this article, Part 2 of 3. Martin looks at the use of compression garments, massage and stretching.  Part 1. […]

Trail Running and Recovery – Part One

In a series of three articles by Coach Martin Trout, we look at Recovery strategies in Trail Running. Types of recovery strategies Which ones are shown to work How they can benefit you Best practices We will be looking at: Part 1. and introduction Hydrotherapy Active Recovery Part 2. Compression garments Massage Stretching Part 3. […]

Trail Running in Italy – September Selection

by Maria E. Bellini We’ve recently updated our September trail running race calendar! Here we bring you a small selection of our favourite trail races for the month, we’ve selected them on the basis of great scenery and English information available on websites. Don’t forget to check the FULL September 2018 calendar with links to […]

UTMB® The Winners since 2013

by Maria E. Bellini – ing credit: Francesco Pedroni This article was originally published in Italian for Mud and Snow Blog and has been translated and adapted for Italy on Trail 2018 It’s nearly the end of August 2018 In a few days time, in France’s sleek Chamonix, some of the worlds strongest trail runners will […]

Do You Overthink Trail Running?

Trail Brain Do we spend too much time thinking about the “whys” and the “hows” of trail running? Can there be certain times throughout our trail running lives when it makes sense to slow down, take a step backwards and re-asses how we mentally approach the sport that we love? Over time it’s perfectly normal […]

A Guide To Etiquette On The Trails

Sometimes, it’s hard to feel on top of things whilst competing in a trail race. Feeling Rough On The Trails Think about how you feel after you’ve been running hard for several hours across muddy terrain, or slogging uphill midsummer with no shade, your face will probably have a ridiculous expression and be decorated by […]

Pisa’s Trail Monte Penna

By Carl Johan Sörman Trail del Monte Penna, 30k, 1300 vertical meters – 4 February 2018 – Molina di Quosa Pisa, Italy It’’s Monday, one week before the race… Things are not looking too good. a) I have to shorten my daily workout due to my Achilles tendon, which has been sore for the last […]

How to Choose You First Italian Ultra

Just glancing through ItalyOnTrail.com’s Race calendar will bring up more than 300 races. As you browse through our race information pages, visit the race websites and look at photos and videos, you’ll come across plenty of amazing ultras, as Italy really does have some pretty beautiful and varied scenery. It can be quite a challenge just […]

7 Exciting Italian Trail Races in March 2018!

Weather wise, March in Italy can be a strange month. Anything can happen. And with Italy being such a varied country, conditions can differ entirely at higher altitude, along the coast and between north and south. Towards the end of the month when the days get longer, there’s real feel for Spring in the air. […]

Trail Running Race Calendar Italy 2018

We’re pleased to announce that our 2018 trail race calendar is online. That’s 12 months of Italian trail races, from January to December 2018. Italy on Trail covers everything from the classic trail running events to the smaller trail races which take place in more unknown places. How Does it Work? The 2018 Trail Race Calendar […]

UTMB® 2018 – Going For a Win in The Lottery

You may have entered a certain ‘Christmas Lottery’ that’s taking place right now – from 14th of December to 3rd January 2018. Like other lotteries, this one involves numbers: “171” and 10,300” being two of the key numbers that make up the ‘prize’. So what do you win? Just a medium sized square made from […]

Trail Runners or Pilgrims?

The act of trail running is often likened to a journey. Even more so with ultra distances, with ‘the journey’  being as much about the inner exploration of ‘self’ as it is about the physicality of being able to cover the miles. This concept can in some cases comfortably sit beside pilgrims’ journeys, whereby a person […]

Adam Hewey – Experiencing Food and the Trails

Adam Hewey is a busy person! Between training and racing – he recently placed 24th (in 31:50) at the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run 2017, co-directing the Needles 50k in Washington (which took place just a week after the Hardrock!), organizing the Cascade Crest 100 in August, writing for cascadiadam.blogspot.it and running a successful food company, Adam […]

A Giant Foam Salami, Scorching Sun And Wonderful Trails

by Maria E. Bellini Trail del Salame 2017 – 28th May 2017, San Michele Tiorre, Felino – Parma, Italy It’s not that easy to be objective about featuring your own running club’s yearly Trail race. You kind of love it on principle. The underlying humour that seems to be at the core of this hilly trail […]