Fantastic Trail Races for Each Month of Summer

COVER FOTO: Fantastic Trail Races for Each month of Summer – Maiella National Park – img by maury300  A Trail Race a Month? Have you already planned your summer trail running holidays? Italy makes a super destination with literally several hundred trail races to choose from throughout the warmer months. Between May right up until September you […]

7 Exciting Italian Trail Races in March 2018!

Weather wise, March in Italy can be a strange month. Anything can happen. And with Italy being such a varied country, conditions can differ entirely at higher altitude, along the coast and between north and south. Towards the end of the month when the days get longer, there’s real feel for Spring in the air. […]

3 Italian Trail Races For a Taste of Wilderness

We all know that Wilderness in south-western Europe is scaled down to small, compact areas. Unlike the vast, sprawling stretches that belong overseas. Yet, our tiny chunks of Wilderness are still spectacular,to be treasured and celebrated in their own rights. Italy has several areas – usually pocket-sized, which we can consider to fall into the […]