Roberto “Bob” Mattioli – L’Uomo Che Sfida l’Avventura

Incontriamo Roberto “Bob” Mattioli – “Adventurer, Alpinista, Trail Runner, uno Sportman a 360° Italy on Trail: Hai partecipato ad alcune spedizioni importanti insieme alla tua compagna Stefania Zarotti, ci puoi raccontare quali sono state per te quelle più significative? Roberto Bob Mattioli: In ogni spedizione vivi momenti unici e irripetibili. Fra quelle più significative ricorderei […]

Roberto “Bob” Mattioli – Adventurer, Sportsman, Explorer

This week we talk to Roberto “Bob” Mattioli – Adventurer, Sportsman, Explorer. Part of the first batch of Skyrunners that formed the backbone of this exciting sport in the mid 1990’s, Mattioli together with partner Stefania Zarotti later participated in many challenging expeditions across the globe, and together with Team Pedini-Iret has been on the podium many […]

October 2017 Trails – Early Sunsets and Morning Mists

October is a lovely month to spend some time in Italy. The passionate intensity of the full-on Italian summer matures into the elegance of Autumn. Not only does the summer heat fade into a gentler warmth,  colours take on earthier tones, light is conciliating, and a simple walk through the woods becomes a passage through harmony. October – So […]