5 Motivi Per Correre l’Ecomaratona Del Ventasso

Non Diremo Bugie… Questa 42km è una Gara di Trail Running Bella Tosta. Con un paio di salite belle ripide, l’Ecomaratona del Ventasso – che prende il suo nome dal Monte Ventasso, raggiunto dai trail runners alla sua massima altezza di 1727 metri – è impegnativa a dir poco. Ormai sono quindici anni che ogni […]

From Espoo to Mount Ventasso, Reggio-Emilia

by Maria E. Bellini Espoo – Finland – Winter 2016 Hans Swahn was wondering what to do with his forthcoming holiday break. He had an incredible three months off work lined up for summer 2017. What was termed as an extended break. He shuffled the papers on his desk, and slowly breathed in the cool, calming environment […]

5 Reasons to Run The Ecomaratona Del Ventasso

We won’t lie… this is a tough 42km trail race. With a couple of notoriously steep climbs, the Ventasso Ecomarathon – named after Mount Ventasso – the 1727 meter mountain that runners summit, is demanding. Each July, for the past 15 years the Ventasso Ecomarathon, that takes place in the Reggio-Emilia Apennines in Emilia-Romagna, has welcomed runners […]