Cinque Motivi Per Correre Il Capraia Rock Trail

by Maria E. Bellini #1 Location Top! Vi troverete nel bel mezzo del Mar Mediterraneo. Il Capraia Rock Trail si svolge su una delle isole più remote d’Italia, Capraia. Un’isola selvatica e bellissima che vi rapirà e accenderà la vostra immaginazione. Capraia è l’unica isola dell’Arcipelago Toscano di origine vulcanica. Le altre isole che compongono […]

Five Reasons To Run The Capraia Rock Trail

#1 Top Location! You’ll be right in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. The Capraia Rock Trail takes place on one of Italy’s remotest islands, –Capraia. A wild and beautiful island which is bound to both captivate and fire your imagination. Capraia is the only island in the Tuscan Archipelago that is of volcanic origin. The […]

2018 Capraia Rock Trail – A Trail on Italy’s “Alcatraz”

by Maria E. Bellini Registration is open for the 2018 Capraia Rock Trail – the second edition of this adventurous spring trail race that takes place on the wild, Tuscan island of Capraia on the 25th March 2018. About The Capraia Rock Trail When: 25 & 26 March 2018 Where: Capraia Isola – Livorno (LI), Tuscany – Italy […]

Italy on Trail – Runs Capraia Rock Trail

Italy on Trail’s Maria Bellini takes a Trail break and runs the Capraia Rock Trail on the Island of Capraia  by Maria E. Bellini What Made this a Tempting Race? A 25km race course on a semi-deserted Mediterranean Island in the end of March. What’s there not to be tempted by for heavens sake! After […]

Registration is open for the Capraia Rock Trail

by Maria E. Bellini Entries are open for the Capraia Rock Trail – 24km the long route, and 14km the short route (non competitive). covers the Capraia Rock Trail HERE. Race takes place on the wild, Tuscan island of Capraia. A walker’s paradise with numerous trails. Read our full Capraia guide for a complete picture. There are special hotel room rates and packages for runners. […]

Born to be wild…. Capraia Rock Trail

Turn off civilization and enter the wilderness! Head off to wild Capraia. It’s nearer than you think. Just a short ferry ride from the Tuscan port of Livorno (which merits a visit just to sample it’s delicious fish stew – Cacciucco) and you can be hill-repping on Capraia’s trails in just over two hours. Check out our full Capraia Island Guide […]

Walking on Capraia Island

by Maria E. Bellini Capraia Island, Livorno – Tuscany ABOUT THE AREA: Capraia island, is the third largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago. But don’t be fooled, it’s small! At just over 19 squared km, with only one really short road, it makes a great place for walking and running. The highest point in hilly […]

Capraia – a Gem, a Pearl, a Delight!

by Maria E. Bellini ABOUT THE AREA: The magical island of Capraia lies some 60k off the Tuscan coast. A relaxing ferry ride of just under three hours, will take you from Livorno, to this sparkling gem of an island that forms part of the seven islands that make up Tuscan Archipelago: Elba, Giglio, Giannutri, […]