October 2018

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  • In our Italian Trail race calendar, we’ve provided a race information page for each event
  • At time of writing (23 December 2017) some races still have 2017 details.
  • However if you’re interested in a race that doesn’t have 2018 race information, we advise you to directly contact the race directors for more information.
  • Remember to check back regularly as we update regularly!

Trail Race Calendar Italy

DATE Race name & information page Main distance Other dist. Location site
1/10/2017 2017 Details MARATONA DI MONTE SOLE 42k / 1635m yes Rioveggio di Monzuno (BO), Emilia Romagna site
1/10/2017 2017 Details PANORAMICA TRAIL 30k / 1050m yes Polinago (MO), Emilia Romagna site
1/10/2017 2017 Details ULTRA TRAIL PARCO DELLA MAREMMA 62k / 2000m yes Alberese (GR), Tuscany site
1/10/2017 2017 Details TRAIL DEGLI INVINCIBILI  20k /
 – Bobbio Pellice (TO), Piedmont site
6/10/2018 ARRANCABIRRA 18k / 1400m yes Courmayeur, Aosta (AO), Aosta Valley site
7/10/2018 CMP TRAIL 43k / 2000m  yes Bassano del Grappa – Vicenza (VI), Veneto site
7/10/2018 TARTUFO TRAIL RUNNING® 67,8k / 3490m yes Calestano (PR),  Emilia-Romagna site
7/10/2018 ORSA PRAVELLO TRAIL  24,5k / 1500m  yes Saltrio, Varese (VA), Lombardy site
7/10/2018 TRAIL DEL SACRO MONTE CALVARIO 17k / 950m  yes Domodossola – Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (VCO), Piedmont site
7/10/2017 2017 Details TOMA TRAIL 16k / 1015m yes Condove Usseglio (TO), Piedmont site
7/10/2017 2017 Details URBAN TRAIL CAGLIARI  12k yes Cagliari (CA), Sardinia site
7/10/2017 2017 Details TRA.IL CASTELLO E LE VILLE 42k / 1600m yes Monselice (PD), Veneto site
7-8/10/2017 2017 Details MORENIC TRAIL 118k / 2770m Andrate (TO), Piedmont site
7-8/10/2017 2017 Details ULTRA TRACK SUPRAMONTE SEASIDE 90k / 4500m yes Baunei (OG), Sardinia site
8/10/2017 2017 Details TRAIL SUL TREBBIO 25k / 1100m  yes  Modigliana, (FC), Rmilia-Romagna site
13/10/2018 2017 Details VIGOLANA TRAIL  65k / 4030 yes Vigolo Vattaro – Trento (TN), Trentino- Alto Adige – Italy site
14/10/2018 CORSA DEL SOLE 16k / 824m  –  Tirano, Sondrio (SO), Lombardy site
14/10/2017 2017 Details 6 ORE TRAIL VILLA DI MASER 6hr / 6.3km  – Maser (TV), Veneto site
14/10/2017 2017 Details LIMONE EXTREME SKYRACE 29k / 2500m yes Limone sul Garda (BS), Lombardy site
15/10/2017 2017 Details TRAIL DEL PROSECCO SUPERIORE 18k / 660m yes Pieve di Soligo (TV), Veneto site
15/10/2017 2017 Details SANT’OLCESE TRAIL 42k / 2430m yes Sant’Olcese (GE), Liguria site
15/10/2017 2017 Details CORMOR ULTRA  69k  yes Buja, Udine (UD), Fruili-Venezia Giulia site
15/10/2017 2017 Details TULIN SKYRUN  20k / 1500m  – Montenars (UD), Friuli-Venezia Giulia site
15/10/2017 2017 Details  TRAIL DEL VINO DERTHONA  21k / 660m  yes Totona (AL), Piedmont site
15/10/2017 2017 Details ARQUATO TRAIL  26k / 1100m  yes Castell’ Arquato, Piacenza (PC), Emilia-Romagna site
15/10/2017 2017 Details TICINO ECO MARATHON 60k / 100m  yes Pavia (PV), Lombardy site
19-21/10/2018 ECOMARATONA DEL CHIANTI 42k / 900m yes Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI), Tuscany site
19-21/10/2018 ULTRA TRAIL LAGO D’ORTA 120k / 7300m yes Omegna (VCO), Piedmont site
22/10/2017 2017 Details BELLAGIO SKYRACE 28,5k / 1850m yes Bellagio (CO), Lombardy site
27-29/10/2017 2017 Details  VIE DI SAN FRANCESCO ULTRA  200k / 8000m  yes Attigliano, Terni (TR), Umbria site
27-29/10/2017 2017 Details ERT – ERWIN ROMMEL TRAIL 64k / 2500m yes Vito d’Asio, Pordenone (PN), Friuli-Venezia Giulia site
28/10/2017 2017 Details MONTORFANO TRAIL RUN 34k / 1700m  yes Zocco, Brescia (BR), Lombardy site
29/10/2017 2017 Race details TRAIL MONTE CASTO 46k / 2200m yes Andorno Micca (BI), Piedmont site
29/10/2017 2017 Race details ECOMARATONA DEL BARBARESCO E DEL TARTUFO BIANCO D’ALBA 42k / 800 yes Alba (CN), Piedmont site