Where Does The Race Take Place?

The thrilling Lizzano Extreme Skyraceextreme not only by name…

Set in Emilia-Romagna, the Lizzano Extreme Skyrace takes place on June 18th 2017 – along the demanding trails of the Corno alle Scale Regional Park high up in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines just south of the University City of Bologna.

photo Facebook Page Lizzano Extreme Skyrace
photo Facebook Page Lizzano Extreme Skyrace

The Corno alle Scale Park, although just an hour’s drive from both Florence and Bologna, is a vast expanse of wilderness. Tiny, ancient  villages and charming hamlets along with the park’s numerous trails, are enjoyed by walkers and hikers, daytrippers, and all those in search of some genuine warmth and peace in easy to reach, awe-inspiring natural surroundings.

What Can I Expect?

photo Facebook Page Lizzano Extreme Skyrace
photo Facebook Page Lizzano Extreme Skyrace

Adrenaline! In just 22km there are five peaks to summit, three parts classified by the Italian Mountaineering Association C.A.I., as EE – which means paths and tracks for experienced hikers! You can expect 2000 meters of ascent and a testing 2600 meters of descent… Are you up for it? If so you’ll be in for an Extremely exciting day’s running and power hiking in this point to point race.

What Makes It Special?

Part of the 2017 Skyrunners Italy Series, with a race route designed by international trail runner Gianluca Di Meo, and organized by Team Mud and Snow, in association with the Corno alle Scale Park. The highest point of the Lizzano Extreme Skyrace is the dramatic Mount Corno alle Scalewhere the Park gets it’s name from, which stands proud at 1945 meters above sea level.

Lizzano Extreme Skyrace

photo Facebook Page Lizzano Extreme Skyrace

Why Run The Lizzano Extreme Skyrace?

The Lizzano Extreme Skyrace offers breathtaking landscape, varied and technical trails, crest running, and some exposure all in this natural wonderland. Monte Nuda at 1828 meters, is the second highest mountain in the Appennino Bolognese. The route also takes in Monte Grande and Monte Pizzo, with technical climbs along the crests of Balzi dell’Ora, the Balzi del Fabuino and final descents to the Balzi dell’Angelo towards the finish line. A varied terrain plus plenty of natural steps one of the main features in the park’s networks of trails.


photo Facebook Page Lizzano Extreme Skyrace
photo Facebook Page Lizzano Extreme Skyrace

Practical Information

How to get here:

From Bologna: take the A1 motorway towards Florence, exit at Sasso Marconi, follow the Porrettana SS.64 towards Porretta Terme exit at Silla; here turn right for Lizzano in Belvedere.

From Florence: take the A11 motorway exit at Pistoia, follow the Porrettana SS.64 go past Porretta Terme, exit at Silla and turn left for Lizzano in Belvedere.


For a full race description – see our Lizzano Extreme Skryace Page

Date: 18 June 2017
Two routes, 22 km / 2000 D+ and 14 km / 1000 D+.
Official website: www.lizzanoskyrace.com


Useful info:
Special hotel rates apply to runners and participants. See race website for details.

For more info about Corno alle Scale Regional Park
www.emiliaromagnaturismo.com/en in English

www.cornoallescale.net official site – in Italian


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