English to Italian Vocabulary: Mandatory Kit > Materiale Obbligatorio

by Maria E. Bellini

Mandatory Kit List? Even for an Italian 15k?

It’s safe to say that 99.9% of trail races in Italy have a mandatory kit list in their race regulations. Race Directors are stringent and all runners are asked to respect the required race kit and bring it along to the event… and use it! 

Will my kit get checked?

Often there’ll be a kit check at bib collection, or before entering the start pen. Also you may be checked during the race along the route at aid stations. You can also be checked after you cross the finish line. If you are found without the required mandatory equipment you may get a time penalty or in the worst case you could even be disqualified. Read our article on what can cause penalties and disqualification.

So if you’ve come from abroad, having spent time, money and energy on getting to your dream race, it makes no sense to take the chance and get disqualified – only because you don’t have.. a whistle!

mandatory kit list - what does that word mean then?

But the list seems unreasonable!

Rewind. Maybe you’ve spent ages searching for the right Italian Trail race. You’re looking through the event’s regulations on the official race website…and the required race kit may seem ridiculously long. Bear in mind that this is Italy. It’s not unusual for a race to start, for example, in a mild temperate village at a reasonable altitude of around 300 or 400m. But race courses can often verge – up – often seeing routes taking you up to nearly 2000m… where it’s quite normal to expect the weather to change quite dramatically.
Not only in the Alps, but also in the Apennines – conditions can change rapidly, often for the worst, with unexpected fog, snow, frost and wind. So if it says you need to carry gloves in your race kit in June, it’s done so with a reason.
Trust the Race Director! 

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Heat in Italy can often be quite extreme. Even at medium to higher altitudes. It’s quite normal for temperatures to often reach into the high 30°s during the summer months. We advise you to prepare adequately for hot weather, always bring a cap (even if it’s not on kit list), some sort of sun screen and if you are comfortable running with them: sunglasses.

Prepare before you come over

We recommend that you bring all your gear over with you. You don’t want to waste time or energy on trying to purchase… that whistle… whilst you’re midway through a semi-deserted Tuscan Valley late Saturday afternoon! If you’ll be running in a challenging Trail race, we’d advise you to bring over all the energy bars, gels, electrolytes that you’ll be needing on race day. By all means, do purchase any Italian equivalents (if you come across them) but we advise you to try them on a training run, back at home.

Check out our English to Italian Mandatory Kit list below

 Mandatory kit 
 Materiale obbligatorio
first aid
pronto soccorso
adhesive elastic band benda elastica adesiva
anti chafing cream crema antisfregamento
sun cream crema solare
foil // survival blanket telo or coperta di sopravvivenza
race bib pettorale
mobile phone telefono cellulare
emergency number numero d’emergenza
race coure map cartina percorso
road book road book
money soldi
ID papers documenti d’identità
drop bag sacco
gloves guanti
micro crampons ramponcini
poles bastoncini
telesopic poles/sticks bastoncini telescopici
compass bussola
knife coltellino
batteries pile (pronouneced pee-lay)
whistle fischietto
trail running shoes scarpe da trail
head gear
accessori capo
bandana bandana
buff buff
cap / hat cappellino / cuffia / berretto
sunglasses occhiali da sole
food reserve riserva alimentare
energy bars barette energetiche
energy gels gel
headtorch lampada frontale
replacement batteries pile di ricambio
liquids liquidi
backpack or racevest zaino / zainetto
water bladder sacca d’acqua
hydration backpack zaino idrico
hydration belt cintura idrica
water-bottle borraccia – (pronounced borach-ee-ah)
soft flask soft flask
personal beaker / cup bicchiere personale
water reserve minimum 1 litre riserva d’acqua di un (1) litro minimo
jacket with hood giacca con cappuccio
long sleeved jacket giacca maniche lunghe
long sleeved jacket with hood giacca maniche lunghe con cappuccio
water-resistant jacket giacca anti-pioggia
water-resistant jacket with hood giacca anti-pioggia con cappuccio
waterproof jacket giacca/ guscio impermeabile
waterproof jacket with hood giacca/ guscio impermeabile con cappuccio
windcheater giacca anti vento
shell guscio
gore-tex shell gusico in gore-tex
long sleeved microfleece micro pile (pronounced as it’s written) a manica lunga
long sleeved top maglia maniche lunghe
warm midlayer top secondo strato caldo
long running trousers pantaloni o collant da corsa a gamba lunga
waterproof over-trousers pantavento impermeabile
three-quarters tre-quarti

Maria E. BelliniMaria Elisabetta Bellini is Italyontrail.com’s founder, born in the U.K, she came to running whilst living in Italy, where she still lives and trains. Never ceasing to marvel at what’s at the summit of a hill, or around the bend along the trail, she loves using trail running as a means to explore nature, contemplation and Italy.

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