Posture and Core Strength in Trail Running

by Martin John Trout And there we have it, the classical posture of a runner when facing a very steep uphill… The necessity to make rapid upwards progress but the inability of the muscles to express sufficient power to overcome the effect of gravity on the weight of the runner. So we adopt a bent […]

Trail Running and Recovery – Part Two

In a series of three articles by Coach Martin Trout, we look at Recovery strategies in Trail Running. Types of recovery strategies Which ones are shown to work How they can benefit you Best practices In this article, Part 2 of 3. Martin looks at the use of compression garments, massage and stretching.  Part 1. […]

Trail Running and Recovery – Part One

In a series of three articles by Coach Martin Trout, we look at Recovery strategies in Trail Running. Types of recovery strategies Which ones are shown to work How they can benefit you Best practices We will be looking at: Part 1. and introduction Hydrotherapy Active Recovery Part 2. Compression garments Massage Stretching Part 3. […]

Heuristic Traps in Trail Running

by Martin J. Trout “Heuristic or heuristics (from the Greek for ‘find’ or ‘discover’) refers to experience- based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery. Heuristic methods are used to identify an optimal solution as rapidly as possible. Examples of this method include using a “rule of thumb”, an educated guess, an intuitive judgment, or […]

5 Easy Workouts for Speeding Up on the Trails

by Martin J. Trout Getting Faster in Trail Running 5 Easy Workouts Most trail runners spend an enormous amount of time just running – fairly slowly and usually for a long time. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you are fine with just grinding it out during your races, finishing somewhere around the […]

The RPE Scale – Trail Running Training

by Martin J. Trout Rate of Perceived Exertion In order to train properly for trail running, it’s essential to carry out all prescribed workouts at the correct level of intensity. Most training protocols will define this correct intensity by referring to the use of a heart rate monitor. The monitor is used in such a […]

Trail Running Training Words – Simple Definitions

with  Martin J. Trout In this article we aim to simplify several definitions that we may come across during our trail running days. As trail runners, some of us may feel distanced to the thought of strict training programmes full of technical words, minutes, brackets and hyphens, which often seem more geared towards marathon and road runners. […]

Weight Lifting and Functional Training for the Trails

by Martin J. Trout Useful for Trail Runners? It would appear that the majority of runners tend to avoid any form of training, which includes the use of weights. A number of them may do some abdominal exercises while others follow a stretching regime, but the idea of entering a gym or even following a […]

Polarised Training – The Golden Rule of 80/20

by Martin J. Trout One of the most common questions that I get asked, predictably I guess, is: “How should I train for trail races”? The simple answer is basically the same as you would for any other running race but don’t forget to include hills, both up and down, and get prepared for some […]

Adaptability on the Trail

by Martin J. Trout “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but rather, that which is most adaptable to change.” This phrase is often attributed to Charles Darwin but was actually pronounced by the American business professor Leon Meggison. His aim was clearly to draw a parallel between Darwin’s central thesis concerning […]

The Pursuit of an Unknown Ending

by Martin J. Trout Process Oriented vs. Goal Oriented “I can train and plan and do all that I can to try and achieve my goals, but at the end of the day I really don’t know what will happen. But that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t try. Because regardless of what happens, there will […]

Walking in Trail Races

by Martin J. Trout The other day I was talking to Maria Bellini, Italy on Trail’s founder, when I asked her how the Tartufo Trail race, in Emilia-Romagna, had been for her. I knew she had run it as I was one of the designated sweepers and had caught up to her on one of the climbs […]

Italy on Trail Welcomes Martin John Trout

The Scent of The Trail Originally from London U.K., Martin J. Trout has been living in Italy since the nineties. He divides his time between the glamorous world of the global fragrance market and the more grittier and rougher world of the Outdoors. An all round Adventurer: Martin is an accomplished ultra runner, mountaineer, ski […]

Preparing for the Trails in Italy with Martin John Trout

Interview by Maria E. Bellini Spring is in full swing, with the sun eagerly knocking at the door, as hot Italian weather seeps into everyday life. Escape to the trails and you won’t be alone. Outdoor lovers are out and about as the hiking and trail running season sprightly blossoms into summer. I tracked down […]