Trail Running Vocabulary, English – Italian 

It’s becoming more and more common for Italian trail running races to have at least some English information on their websites. Major Trail Running Events = More Resources This is specially the case with the bigger trail running races which will probably have sponsors, a larger budget and international trail runners competing. However the majority […]

A Guide To Etiquette On The Trails

Sometimes, it’s hard to feel on top of things whilst competing in a trail race. Feeling Rough On The Trails Think about how you feel after you’ve been running hard for several hours across muddy terrain, or slogging uphill midsummer with no shade, your face will probably have a ridiculous expression and be decorated by […]

How to Choose You First Italian Ultra

Just glancing through’s Race calendar will bring up more than 300 races. As you browse through our race information pages, visit the race websites and look at photos and videos, you’ll come across plenty of amazing ultras, as Italy really does have some pretty beautiful and varied scenery. It can be quite a challenge just […]

Trail Running Race Calendar Italy 2018

We’re pleased to announce that our 2018 trail race calendar is online. That’s 12 months of Italian trail races, from January to December 2018. Italy on Trail covers everything from the classic trail running events to the smaller trail races which take place in more unknown places. How Does it Work? The 2018 Trail Race Calendar […]

Italy – “Sagra” and Festivals

Festivals and Holidays – what to consider when planning a walking, hiking or running holiday to Italy. by Maria E. Bellini Gone are the days when the majority of Italian towns and cities would ‘close’ for August as Italians headed off to the coast taking a months long holiday, but even so, it still makes […]

Italy – Where to go?

Location – what to consider when planning a walking, hiking or running holiday to Italy. by Maria E. Bellini In our previous article we looked at the Italian climate – vital in planning your Outdoors holiday to Italy. Extreme weather conditions, can be the ruin of a many a holiday, specially if you’re planning on […]

Italy – Climate

by Maria E. Bellini There are several factors to take into account when planning your Outdoors holiday to Italy. Whether you’ll be walking, hiking, or running along the trails, self guided or part of a guided trip, or even as a participant in a trail running race. location, which we discuss here terrain altitude elevation […]

“Signing Up” for an Italian Trail Event!

How To Do “Race Registration” The Italian Way by Maria E. Bellini So you’ve decided that you want to run a Trail race in Italy! Nearly all Italian Trail running events will have an early bird policy set up with several cut off dates whereby race entry fees will increase. This is usually clearly indicated in […]

Italy – Motorways

by Maria E. Bellini It’s likely that you’ll have to rent a car if you fly to Italy. Especially if that incredible trail race that caught your eye some months back starts in a quaint yet slightly obscure mountain village in a remote valley. Getting from the airport to that undefined part of Italy must have […]

Penalties and Disqualification – Stick to the Rules

Penalties and disqualification in Italian Trail Races by Maria E. Bellini Whether it’s been translated by Google or a by a human, whether it makes total sense or seems complete nonsense… in your search for the right Italian Trail race you may well stumble upon a small section on the race website dedicated to the ominously worded “Penalties and […]

English to Italian – Mandatory Kit

English to Italian Vocabulary: Mandatory Kit > Materiale Obbligatorio by Maria E. Bellini Mandatory Kit List? Even for an Italian 15k? It’s safe to say that 99.9% of trail races in Italy have a mandatory kit list in their race regulations. Race Directors are stringent and all runners are asked to respect the required race kit and […]

How to Choose the Right “First-Time” Trail Running Race

Why Run a Trail Race in Italy? by Maria E. Bellini Because it’s a stunning country, so diverse from north to south which we write about here  – and which we think will never fail to amaze! Perhaps you’ve looked up the major Italian Trail races. Yes. Those races with a zillion km and about as much ascent that could take […]

So you want to run a Trail race in Italy?

What’s this all about? Trail Running race resources…. by Maria E. Bellini So many random questions can pop into your mind if you consider entering a Trail Race in Italy – how do you say “race bib” in Italian? What will I get at a aid stations? Hey – Will there be aid stations? Seriously – no jelly […]

Italy – Airports

by Maria E. Bellini When organising your trail running or walking holidays to Italy, it’s easier to fly to the airport nearest your final destination. Italy has plenty of International airports served both by both full service and low cost airlines. Many have seasonal flights, and are subject to timetable changes, so it’s always worth to do […]