The Apennines – how this vast range is divided

101 Italy on Trail – Mountains – The Basics! by Maria E. Bellini The Apennines form an arc shape that runs down the length of Italy. Often referred to as Italy’s backbone, and with good reason too, as they stretch over approximately 930 miles (approx 1,500km) starting in the coastal region of Liguria right down […]

The Partition of the Alps

101 Italy on Trail – Mountains – the basics! by Maria E. Bellini “The Partition of the Alps” Stretching approximately 1,200 km across eight countries –  France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Slovenia, the Alps are Europe’s largest mountain range forming a rainbow shaped arc that touches along all of northern Italy. Along with the Apennines, the Alps form […]

An Introduction to the Alps and Apennines

101 Italy on Trail – Mountains – The Basics! by Maria E. Bellini Introducing Italy’s two major mountain ranges…the mighty Alps and the wild Apennines…Both offer plenty of spectacular trails and routes that will fuel your love for trail running and hiking in incredible settings at whatever speed you wish. The Alps cover the width of […]