Heuristic Traps in Trail Running

by Martin J. Trout “Heuristic or heuristics (from the Greek for ‘find’ or ‘discover’) refers to experience- based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery. Heuristic methods are used to identify an optimal solution as rapidly as possible. Examples of this method include using a “rule of thumb”, an educated guess, an intuitive judgment, or […]

Awesome Italian August Trail Races – 2018

We’ve recently updated our August trail running race calendar and here we bring you a selection of our favourites for the month. Enjoy– our mini preview and don’t forget to check the FULL August 2018 calendar with links to separate race information pages for each event. Trail Running in Italy this summer? Check out some […]

The Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2018

Carl Johan Sörman Runs The North Face® Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2018… I had spent half a year dreaming about this trail running race, yet… I only got to ‘gently’ scratch its surface. By Carl Johan Sörman In the months leading up to the race, my training had been quite intense, with most of my runs […]

Trail Running Around Italy’s Unesco Site – Ivrea

Trail & Technology July the 1st 2018 saw the 54th addition to the Italian Unesco World Heritage sites. The latest marvel to be included in the long list, which features sites such as the Amalfi Coast and the Historical Centre of Florence, was the seemingly unassuming city of Ivrea, in Piedmont’s subalpine Canavese area. Where is […]

5 Easy Workouts for Speeding Up on the Trails

by Martin J. Trout Getting Faster in Trail Running 5 Easy Workouts Most trail runners spend an enormous amount of time just running – fairly slowly and usually for a long time. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you are fine with just grinding it out during your races, finishing somewhere around the […]

5 Motivi Per Correre l’Ecomaratona Del Ventasso

Non Diremo Bugie… Questa 42km è una Gara di Trail Running Bella Tosta. Con un paio di salite belle ripide, l’Ecomaratona del Ventasso – che prende il suo nome dal Monte Ventasso, raggiunto dai trail runners alla sua massima altezza di 1727 metri – è impegnativa a dir poco. Ormai sono quindici anni che ogni […]


by Maria E. Bellini Where is the Veneto region? Towards northeastern Italy, just below Trentino-Alto Adige and Fruili-Venezia Giulia, lies Italy’s Veneto region. Westwards it borders with Lombardy, and southwards with Emilia-Romagna. It also shares a border with Austria. Although many people associate the Veneto region with the Dolomites, only about 30% of it is actually […]

Trail Running Vocabulary, English – Italian 

It’s becoming more and more common for Italian trail running races to have at least some English information on their websites. Major Trail Running Events = More Resources This is specially the case with the bigger trail running races which will probably have sponsors, a larger budget and international trail runners competing. However the majority […]

Roberto “Bob” Mattioli – Adventurer, Sportsman, Explorer

This week we talk to Roberto “Bob” Mattioli – Adventurer, Sportsman, Explorer. Part of the first batch of Skyrunners that formed the backbone of this exciting sport in the mid 1990’s, Mattioli together with partner Stefania Zarotti later participated in many challenging expeditions across the globe, and together with Team Pedini-Iret has been on the podium many […]

The RPE Scale – Trail Running Training

by Martin J. Trout Rate of Perceived Exertion In order to train properly for trail running, it’s essential to carry out all prescribed workouts at the correct level of intensity. Most training protocols will define this correct intensity by referring to the use of a heart rate monitor. The monitor is used in such a […]

Trail Running Training Words – Simple Definitions

with  Martin J. Trout In this article we aim to simplify several definitions that we may come across during our trail running days. As trail runners, some of us may feel distanced to the thought of strict training programmes full of technical words, minutes, brackets and hyphens, which often seem more geared towards marathon and road runners. […]

Tuscany Crossing, Italy – Trail Running in Italy’s Finest

Tuscany Crossing, Italy  – 21st April 2018 103km, 53km and 15km By Carl Johan Sörman Cover photo: Tuscany Crossing 2018 Argentieri Anthony Photography It’s 5 in the morning, and I’m standing in the starting area for Tuscany Crossing trail running 100k race. A week ago, I hardly thought I would get here. For 6 weeks, I […]

Fantastic Trail Races for Each Month of Summer

COVER FOTO: Fantastic Trail Races for Each month of Summer – Maiella National Park – img by maury300  A Trail Race a Month? Have you already planned your summer trail running holidays? Italy makes a super destination with literally several hundred trail races to choose from throughout the warmer months. Between May right up until September you […]

Allenamento Funzionale e Potenziamento per Trail Runners

di Martin J. Trout Quant’ è utile l’allenamento funzionale o potenziamento per i trail runners? Sembrerebbe che la maggior parte dei runners tendono a evitare qualsiasi forma di allenamento, che include l’uso di pesi. Molti fanno esercizi come addominali mentre altri praticano scrupolosamente lo stretching, ma l’idea di entrare in una palestra o anche di […]

Un Giorno di Trail Running Perfetto

di Martin J. Trout Questo è quello che tutti noi vogliamo. Una giornata perfetta sui sentieri quando tutto va per il meglio. Ma cosa significa esattamente? Ho chiesto a vari amici che praticano il trail running come sarebbe stato per loro – La Giornata di Trail Runnig Pefetta. Le risposte erano abbastanza coerenti e includevano […]