What is “Primavera”?!

This means “spring” in Italian! And in April, Italy can be a gorgeous month, with longer warmer days that gently embrace your soul, and brush off all the winter cobwebs.

Trail running conditions are really good. The weather can be cheerfully sunny, with the aroma and promise of the forthcoming summer. But remember, high up in the mountains, in the Alps and Dolomites, you can still find snow, and Spring still has to get a firm grip on the surroundings.

Easter falls right in the beginning of April, coinciding with ‘April fools Day’ which in Italian is known as ‘Pesce d’Aprile’ – A Fish of April.

We’ve recently updated our April trail race calendar and here we bring you a selection of our favourite trail races, nearly all have race information in English on their website which makes planning your Italian trail running adventure all that much easier.

Enjoy– and don’t forget to check the FULL April 2018 calendar with links to separate race information pages for over 30 different trail races.

What else is happening in April 2018 ?

  • 1st April “Pasqua” – Easter Sunday
  • 2nd April “Lunedì dell’Angelo” – Easter Monday
  • 25th April Festa della Liberazione – Liberation Day


The Trail della Riva takes place in the magical setting of Modena’s regional park: “I Sassi di Roccamalatina” – in the Emilia Romagna region. The ‘Sassi’ – are 80 metre high towering rocks that dominate the scenery – have a look at the photographs here

When: 7 April 2018
Where: Roccamalatina – Modena (MO), Emilia-Romagna – Italy
Distance / elevation gain: 34km / 1900mD+
Other distances: 20km/1000mD+ and guided walk and  Kids Trail

Website: traildellariva.com/
email: info@traildellariva.com

  • Well organized race
  • friendly atmosphere
  • Visit the monumental Pieve di Trebbio and the medieval Church of San Giovanni Battista, that dates back to 1163 and still retains some original features.
  • Nearest airports: Fly to Bologna or Verona


The BVG in BVG Trail stands for Bassa Via del Garda – which gives us the Lower Garda Route in English, which can be quite confusing, because the race route actually runs quite high up on the the cliffs along the lake! Be prepared for seriously breathtaking views across Italy’s largest lake which also happens to be one of the country’s most deepest.
This is a tough, technical course, not to be underestimated.

When: 7 April 2018
Where: Salò – Brescia (BR), Lombardy – Italy
Distance / elevation gain: 75km / 4400m D+
Other distances: BvGMarathon+ 50km / 3450m D+ and BvGRun 25km / 950m D+

Website: www.bvgtrail.it
email: contact form on website

  • Spectacular!
  • Enjoy Lake Garda, with it’s varied surroundings, and multiple activities, it’ll be possible to find something for everyone. From more energetic hiking, biking and running on the area’s numerous trails, to relaxing along the shores. See our in depth Lake Garda guide.
  • Nearest airports: Fly to Verona, Bergamo or Milan


Enjoy an urban trail in one of Italy’s most incredible cities, Venice awaits you for a evening of pure running fun in this fabulous city trail that’s got all the ingredients to make a very special running experience.

When: 14 April 2018
Where: Venice (VE), Veneto – Italy
Distance / elevation gain: 16km

Website: www.venicenighttrail.it/en/venicenighttrail/
email: info@venicemarathon.it

  • Fantastic location
  • Nearest airports: Fly to Venice


2018 will see the second year of this Ultra Trail that takes place on the historical Route: The Path of the Gods – that joins the two major cities of Bologna and Florence (race finishes in Fiesole).

When: 14 April 2018
Where: Bologna (Bo), Emilia Romagna – Italy
Distance / elevation gain: 125km / 5100m D+
Other distances: 55km / 2000m D+

Website: www.ultratrailviadeglidei.com
email: info@ultratrailviadeglidei.com

  • Race website fully in English
  • Stay in the magical city of Florence, hit the Uffizi Galleries, see Michelangelo’s incredible statue – Davide… Eat some good food and drink some fine wines. Live like a tourist for a couple of days!
  • Visit the Mercato Centrale – the lively colorful, joyous food market in central Florence.
  • Nearest airports: Fly to Bologna or Florence


From the race website:
The Gargano Running Week has evolved into the first big trail running, trekking and nordic walking event in Italy. Lovers of road, trail and sky running, ultra-distances, trekking, fit and nordic walking will meet here!

When: 21 April – 22 April 2018
Where: Mattinata – Foggia (FG), Apulia – Italy
TRAIL Distance / elevation gain: 80km / 2882m D+
TRAIL Other distances: 34km / 1780m D+ and 15km  / 1600m D+
& various other events – see website

Website: www.garganorunningweek.com
email: info@garganorunningweek.com

  • A real Soul Running festival, in the stunning location of the Gargano – great opportunity for a real holiday with plenty of running, trail, or walking activities for the whole family
  • Stay in Gargano! Relax on the beach, visit the Foresta Umbra and explore this fantastic part of Italy – read our Italy on Trail Gargano guide
  • Nearest airports: Fly to Bari or Naples


With some breathtaking scenery, the Tuscany Crossing offers three distances, each one covering an amazing race route. But be forewarned the gentle hills are not to be underestimated so be prepared!

From the race website: The idea originated with the international circuit “Lost Words 100km Trail Series” featuring 100 km races in a selection of World Heritage Sites… this is how the TUSCANY CROSSING started, a journey of 100 km and more…”

When: 21 April 2018
Where: Castiglione d’Orcia – Siena (SI), Tuscany – Italy
Distance / elevation gain: 103km / 3400m D+
Other distances: Montalcino (SI) 53 km and Castiglione D’Orcia (SI) 15km

Website: www.tuscanycrossing.com
email: Contact form on website

  • Race course climbs Mount Amiata, the highest extinct volcano in Italy!
  • Run through the spectacular Tuscan villages of Bagno Vignoni, PienzaSan Quirico d’Orcia and Montalcino.
  • Retrace your steps, visit the fantastic villages and hamlets, at your own pace. This area is really stunningVal D’Orcia will satisfy all your Tuscany fantasies!
  • Enjoy some Brunello di Montalcino – there are plenty of opportunities, for wine tasting in the area.
  • Nearest airports: Fly to Florence or Pisa


Laives, located about 8 kilometres (5 mi) south of the city of Bolzano – South Tyrol in northern Italy. Laives is one of the few municipalities in South Tyrol whose number of Italian-speaking inhabitants exceed the German-speaking. Highest point in the Laives Trail is 1.787 m

Event info

When: 22 April 2017
Where: Laives – Bolzano (BZ), Trentino Alto Adige – Italy
Distance / elevation gain: 51km / 2750m D+
Other distances: 21km / 1500m D+ and 10km / 750m D+

Website: leiferstrail.it
email: contact form on website

  • Nearest airports: Fly to Verona, Bergamo or Milano Malpensa
  • Hit the roads and trails with a bike! Laives is great for cyclists. Enjoy one of the many long distance cycling tracks. Bike rental, helmets, maps and amenities are all available en route.
  • Nearest airports: Fly to Verona, Bergamo or Milano Malpensa


The Ultra Trail del Mugello was devised by keen local ultra runners together with the Mugello Mountain Association. Known for its vast expanse of forests covering more than 271,815 acres the Mugello, in Tuscany, makes up an astounding 20% of all Italy’s forests.

When: 29 April 2018
Where: Badia di Moscheta – Florence (FI), Tuscany – Italy
Distance / elevation gain: 60km / 3200m D+
Other distances: 24km / 1280m D+ and Kids Mini Ultra Trail

Website: www.ultratrailmugello.it/en
email: info@ultratrailmugello.it

  • If you like forests you’ll love this trail
  • Run through the Rovigo valley – location to Golden Eagle nesting grounds!
  • Discover the Mugello! Known for its tradition, crafts, nature and wild forests – there’s also the famed Mugello Racing circuit. Read more HERE.
  • Nearest airports: Florence, Pisa, Bologna


Maria E. BelliniMaria Elisabetta Bellini is Italyontrail.com’s founder, born in the U.K, she came to running whilst living in Italy, where she still lives and trains. Never ceasing to marvel at what’s at the summit of a hill, or around the bend along the trail, she loves using trail running as a means to explore nature, contemplation and Italy.