Defeating the Chimp Brain with Mantras

by Martin John Trout In the previous article we have looked at a protocol – RISE – that can be used in endurance running to turn our mental game round when it all starts going pear shaped in the middle of a race. But, as the medical profession never tires of assuring us, prevention is […]

Le Regole d’Oro per Correre insieme al Partner

by Maria E. Bellini Con l’approccio giusto, correre insieme al tuo partner può essere fantastico. Benefico sia per la corsa in se, sia per la relazione. Acquisisci un “running-buddy” e hai la possibilità di fare qualcosa che ami con la persona che ami. Così approfondendo il legame emotivo. Ma se sbagliate… la corsa insieme al […]

Romantic Running in Italy for Valentine’s Day

by Maria E. Bellini Running along Italy’s Scenic Roads And Rural Trails Get it right, and running with a loved one can be a sublime way to spend Valentines Day. Sharing the highs and the lows, all topped off with a teary embrace across the finish line. But get it wrong and it can swiftly […]