5 Easy Workouts for Speeding Up on the Trails

by Martin J. Trout Getting Faster in Trail Running 5 Easy Workouts Most trail runners spend an enormous amount of time just running – fairly slowly and usually for a long time. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you are fine with just grinding it out during your races, finishing somewhere around the […]

5 Motivi Per Correre l’Ecomaratona Del Ventasso

Non Diremo Bugie… Questa 42km è una Gara di Trail Running Bella Tosta. Con un paio di salite belle ripide, l’Ecomaratona del Ventasso – che prende il suo nome dal Monte Ventasso, raggiunto dai trail runners alla sua massima altezza di 1727 metri – è impegnativa a dir poco. Ormai sono quindici anni che ogni […]


by Maria E. Bellini Where is the Veneto region? Towards northeastern Italy, just below Trentino-Alto Adige and Fruili-Venezia Giulia, lies Italy’s Veneto region. Westwards it borders with Lombardy, and southwards with Emilia-Romagna. It also shares a border with Austria. Although many people associate the Veneto region with the Dolomites, only about 30% of it is actually […]

Trail Running Vocabulary, English – Italian 

It’s becoming more and more common for Italian trail running races to have at least some English information on their websites. Major Trail Running Events = More Resources This is specially the case with the bigger trail running races which will probably have sponsors, a larger budget and international trail runners competing. However the majority […]