Fantastic Trail Races for Each Month of Summer

COVER FOTO: Fantastic Trail Races for Each month of Summer – Maiella National Park – img by maury300  A Trail Race a Month? Have you already planned your summer trail running holidays? Italy makes a super destination with literally several hundred trail races to choose from throughout the warmer months. Between May right up until September you […]

Allenamento Funzionale e Potenziamento per Trail Runners

di Martin J. Trout Quant’ è utile l’allenamento funzionale o potenziamento per i trail runners? Sembrerebbe che la maggior parte dei runners tendono a evitare qualsiasi forma di allenamento, che include l’uso di pesi. Molti fanno esercizi come addominali mentre altri praticano scrupolosamente lo stretching, ma l’idea di entrare in una palestra o anche di […]

Un Giorno di Trail Running Perfetto

di Martin J. Trout Questo è quello che tutti noi vogliamo. Una giornata perfetta sui sentieri quando tutto va per il meglio. Ma cosa significa esattamente? Ho chiesto a vari amici che praticano il trail running come sarebbe stato per loro – La Giornata di Trail Runnig Pefetta. Le risposte erano abbastanza coerenti e includevano […]

Do You Overthink Trail Running?

Trail Brain Do we spend too much time thinking about the “whys” and the “hows” of trail running? Can there be certain times throughout our trail running lives when it makes sense to slow down, take a step backwards and re-asses how we mentally approach the sport that we love? Over time it’s perfectly normal […]

Krash Trail – Art, Trails and Vineyards

Modelled into a circular disc of clay lies the story of the Krash Trail race Two clock towers, Brisighella’s to the left and Faenza’s to the right, indicate race start and finish. The explosive form of a trail runner as a central figure between the two. Behind him, a single line illustrates the race profile, a strong […]

Weight Lifting and Functional Training for the Trails

by Martin J. Trout Useful for Trail Runners? It would appear that the majority of runners tend to avoid any form of training, which includes the use of weights. A number of them may do some abdominal exercises while others follow a stretching regime, but the idea of entering a gym or even following a […]

Wonders Of The AVP501 Endurance Trail

In our previous two articles regarding the AVP501 endurance trail we looked at how the race route crosses many places connected to spirituality and faith. And we also covered the main mountains which runners will cross along the long distance hiking path: The Alta Via Dei Parchi, where the AVP501 trail running race takes place. The ample […]

A Guide To Etiquette On The Trails

Sometimes, it’s hard to feel on top of things whilst competing in a trail race. Feeling Rough On The Trails Think about how you feel after you’ve been running hard for several hours across muddy terrain, or slogging uphill midsummer with no shade, your face will probably have a ridiculous expression and be decorated by […]

AVP 501 – Peaks and Summits

With over 30,000 meters of level gain spread out over 501km, Italy’s longest ultra trail, the AVP501 covers an impressive amount of hills and mountainous terrain. Of Pilgrims and Saints In our previous article regarding the AVP501 endurance trail we saw how the race route crosses many places connected with spirituality and faith. The race […]