Come Hell or High Water! Trail del Cinghiale

Words by Maria E. Bellini The Show Must Go On – Trail del Cinghiale An alarming weather forecast of thunderstorms, gales and torrential rain didn’t stop 457 intrepid trail runners standing behind the start line of the Trail del Cinghiale 2017, in Plazzuolo sul Senio – Italy. Thankfully the weather forecast proved slightly off mark, […]

3 Italian Trail Races For a Taste of Wilderness

We all know that Wilderness in south-western Europe is scaled down to small, compact areas. Unlike the vast, sprawling stretches that belong overseas. Yet, our tiny chunks of Wilderness are still spectacular,to be treasured and celebrated in their own rights. Italy has several areas – usually pocket-sized, which we can consider to fall into the […]

Val Grande – Wilderness in Piedmont

Words by Maria E. Bellini It’s hard to find an exact Italian counterpart for the word Wilderness. The word “selvaggio” means “wild” and can be used to describe a person, a situation – implicating that something has taken place outside a set of rules (it can be used beside the word ‘parcheggio ‘ giving us the […]

Walking in Trail Races

by Martin J. Trout The other day I was talking to Maria Bellini, Italy on Trail’s founder, when I asked her how the Tartufo Trail race, in Emilia-Romagna, had been for her. I knew she had run it as I was one of the designated sweepers and had caught up to her on one of the climbs […]

Italy on Trail Welcomes Martin John Trout

The Scent of The Trail Originally from London U.K., Martin J. Trout has been living in Italy since the nineties. He divides his time between the glamorous world of the global fragrance market and the more grittier and rougher world of the Outdoors. An all round Adventurer: Martin is an accomplished ultra runner, mountaineer, ski […]

Katia Figini – Adventurer

Interview by Maria E. Bellini We chat to top Italian athlete Katia Figini, who in Italy is often referred to as the “Desert Queen” due to the fact that she’s successfully raced in plenty of deserts worldwide. Katia, a trail running and natural running instructor, as well as a certified sports coach, currently lives and works […]

Trail del Cinghiale 2017 – The Trail of The Wild Boar

Words by Maria E. Bellini – Photos by Loris Farolfi, Foto Trail Running With a combination of the ancient, rambling wilderness of the Mugello in Tuscany, along with the lively forested hills of Romagna, the setting for the “Trail del Cinghiale“ trail race is by no means ordinary. Runners will be scampering along the trails in […]

Ermanna Boilini – Finding TOR

Interview by Maria E. Bellini We meet super energetic Ermanna Boilini, who recently finished the Tor Des Géants 2017. Born in 1957 in the tiny village of Lama Mocogno, high up in the Apennines in Emilia-Romagna. Ermanna now lives and works near the city of Modena, but every weekend she heads back to Lama Mocogno, where […]