Panagiotis Ionannidis – Running For Team Greece

by Maria E. Bellini Badia Prataglia – Italy 2017 Trail Sacred Forests, Trail Running World Championships  The course was fast. Too fast. A surreal silence deadened the sound of hundreds of rapid footsteps beating down on the dry forest path. Skinny chinks of fierce sunlight filtered through the tall trees briefly illuminating runners before they disappeared […]

5 Late Summer Sun Kissed Trail Races

Is your ‘runner’s tan’ fading? Chase the sun and head off to these superb late summer – early autumn trail races in Italy. Guaranteed to postpone even a whisper of those winter blues tapping on your door. So jump on a low cost flight, and escape to a weekend of Trail-running Dolce Vita, and stock up on your […]

Trail Running Around Dante’s Rock

by Maria E. Bellini Coming up soon on September the 3rd 2017 in Castelnovo ne’ Monti – in the Reggio-Emilia Apennines, is the much loved Trail della Pietra – The ‘Rock Trail’ – and when we say ‘rock‘ – which is the translation of ‘pietra‘… we mean a BIG one… none other than the Bismantova […]

A Selection of Trails – Chasing The Sun

If you’re traveling to Italy this September, why not try one of these end of summer trail races? September – What makes this a good month for an Italian trail race? Well, the heat will have eased off significantly. The holiday crowds will be less – in respect to July and August. Hotel and accommodation prices should be lower […]

Adam Hewey – Experiencing Food and the Trails

Adam Hewey is a busy person! Between training and racing – he recently placed 24th (in 31:50) at the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run 2017, co-directing the Needles 50k in Washington (which took place just a week after the Hardrock!), organizing the Cascade Crest 100 in August, writing for and running a successful food company, Adam […]

6 Italian Trail Races for Wine Lovers

What could be more enticing than several days in one of Italy’s top wine areas and the possibility of running in a trail race? We’ve come up with our top six choices, each event also offers several non competitive walk/run distances if you feel like taking it easy… and verging towards the wine aspect. So don’t forget to […]